15 Dazzling Looks: White Shift Dress Style Guide

The White Shift Dress – The Dress that Flatters every Figure and Works in Almost Any Situation from Work and Casual to Clubbing
by Zoey Williams

★ 15 Amazing White Shift Dresses – New from 2018‘s Hottest Designers
★ How to Wear a Comfortable Shift Dress  and Still be Attractive
★ Stylish Ways to Wear the White Shift Dress for any Event or Outing

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white-shift-dress-guide-00 The simple white shift dress makes a dramatic statement in a quite simple way.  I like to say that all women should have a shift dress in their wardobe but truthfully you should own multiple is all different style and prints. The shift dress is a dress that usually hangs loosely from the shoulders and is typically wider at the bottom with very little or minor fitting at the waist. Its perfect for all occasions depending on design and doesnt require you to diet for days beforehand just to fit into it comfortably (In fact I wear shift dresses WHEN I want to be comfortable).

The Little Black Dress vs. The White Shift Dress…

When its time to show my sexy side I have a collection of form fitting black dresses that get to make an occasional appearance but they dont get nearly the ‘air-time’ of my shift dresses. In this article we’ll look at a 15+ white shift dress variations just to prove that even a dress of fairly simple construction can still be stylish and fashionable. Black is frequently worn because of its slimming nature. Those same women would avoid white dresses for the opposite reason but the white shift dress allows you to wear white and still be fashionable.
The style became famous in the late 1950’s and 1960’s and even today the white shift dress is still incredibly popular. The cut of the dress can be very flattering for most body types when fitted and worn properly. It has a little bit of ‘baby doll’ in the design. Depending on how I feel that day it’ll make me a lil’ angel or lil’ devil but either way I’ll be cute. The weakness of the design is that a poorly chosen white shift dress can make the wearer look frumpy. This guide will show you how to pick the best white shift dress for your body type.


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1. Pick A Design

The white shift dress can work well for almost any occasion but you should pick a design that works best for your body type.
Choose a Shift Dress to Downplay Your Tummy: Women that want to distract attention from their tummies should look for a white shift dress that skims their body. You should also choose white shift dresses made of heavier fabrics that aren’t clingy and wont highlight bulges.  Of course you can also just grab a Spanx or other shapewear to improve your silhouette instantly.
Choose a Shift Dress to Downplay a Large Bust: Women with fuller busts should buy A-line white shift dresses with wider skirts. The wider skirt size will balance out the heavier busts. Also avoid designs with pockets, decorations or embellishments near the bust area since that will draw attention to the area.
Choose a Shift Dress to Flatter Full Hips and Thighs: Avoid straight cut white shift dresses that might be too tight in the hips and thighs. Choose A-line shift dresses that widens at the base. Also avoid short hemlines and select a white shift dress that’s longer and sits no more that 2 inches above the knee.
Choose a Shift Dress to Add Shape to Slim Builds: Women with slim builds should purchase white shift dresses with added pleats and details to create the illusion of shape and curves. Plain styles that are too loose and barely touch the body will swallow the wearer and are unflattering on slim builds. They should be avoided for straighter styles with softer fabrics that drape well.

2. Select the Right Shift Dress for Your Body Type

In the last few years, the designers have shown us numerous new cut, styles and ways to wear  the traditional shift dress. These new designs have increased our style options for the white shift dress and expanded to them. Now the shift dress can be perfect for many other occasions, not only for work. We are now more spoiled for choice than ever before when it comes to white shift dresses. So of course there’s no better time than now to start thinking of it as a possible new dress for the evenings or for running errands in the city? The right white shift dress could become a life-saver for all those times that you are panicking about what to wear at the last minute so it’s important to learn how to choose the right one for your body type. So, continue reading to learn how to choose a white shift dress that you’ll wear for years to come and be able to use for a variety of different occasions while still looking fashionable, stylish and still being comfortable.


hatley-womens-shift-dress-03 abyer-juniors-shift-tulip-dress-halter-neck-03 stylestalker-womens-hong-kong-shift-dress-03 tommy-hilfiger-womens-sheer-woven-plaid-dress-03 laundry-shelli-segal-lace-blocked-long-sleeve-shift-dress-03


3. Shift Dress for Pear Shapes

Pear-shaped bodies have a wider lower body (wider hips and bigger thighs) and a smaller upper body. Typically with narrow shoulders and smaller breasts. To “correct” this we need to emphasize the smaller part of the body and downplay the larger one. This can be done very easily with a properly chosen shift dress. The white shift dress selected should have an A-line cut, an empire
waist or a flared skirt that skims the hips and upper legs and doesnt pull on your weaker area. The length should be on or just above your knees, starting from where your legs start becoming thinner. A good idea is also to look for a shift dress with structured shoulders and lots of detailing on the top or anything else that adds bulk.  That will help to make your figure look more proportional.

4. Shift Dress for Apple/Hourglass Shapes

Apple Shapes biggest problem area is the stomach area which is the biggest part of the body in this shape. In this case you will want a white shift dress that will skim over your middle areas and enhance your best assets which is your bustline and thin legs. Look for a white shift dress that is not boxy or tight. You need a shift dress that has a bold neckline and a short hemline. That will take most of  the attention away from your mid section.
Hourglass Shapes will greatly appreciate the shape flattering benefits of a properly fitted and selected white shift dress. The main priority is to select a dress that will highlight your small waist and enhance your sensual shape in a understated way. So avoid straight cuts and go instead for imperial waists and use a lot of waist belts. Low necklines can also be good for slimming down your figure and show off your bustline. Using an A-line skirt is ideal for skimming the hips and thighs without making them look bigger. The length is similar to that for pear shapes and should be on or just above the knees.

5. Shift Dress for Triangle/Column Shapes

Triangle shapes are the exact opposite of the pear shape. Their inverted triangles with broad shoulders and narrow hips. So the method used will be exactly the opposite. Your primary goal is to make the hips look as wide as your shoulders. This will create the proportional shape to create balance. For this reason, go with A-line and flared skirts (prefer thicker/stiff materials) and avoid anything that adds more bulk on top (pockets, ruffles, etc). Show off those legs too by choosing short hemlines. Triangle shapes look great with short hems that show-off the legs. Work It!
Column Shapes are different from all the other shapes because there are no real “problems” or body proportions to “correct”. The only thing that a column shaped woman needs to consider is the act of choosing a shift dress that will add more curves to the figure to make it appear more feminine and sensual. This can be done by choosing a dress with lot of details such as pleats, ruffles and really bold, colorful patterns. Structured dresses will also give the appearance of curves, but avoid going for stiff fabrics that tend to have the opposite effect and just enhance your lack of curves.


lilly-pulitzer-womens-mila-shift-resort-white-03 lilly-pulitzer-womens-josie-shift-dress-03 lark-ro-womens-eyelet-short-sleeve-shift-dress-03 eileen-fisher-sleeveless-organic-linen-shift-dress-03 jessica-simpson-ivory-shift-dress-003


6. Pick the Correct Neckline

Crew Neckline: Round neckline, often close fitting. Highlights the bust, lengthens the torso and makes the face appear rounder. Best for women with short torso’s, long faces and small busts. Should be avoided by women with round faces or larger busts.
V-shape neckline: Flattering on most. Highlights collarbones and lengthens the neck. Wider V’s makes the shoulders look broader, narrow V’s makes shoulders look narrower. Use to balance a larger bust, provided the neckline isn’t too revealing.
Scoop neckline: Rounded neckline. Dips to reveal part of upper chest. Similar to V-neck’s: flattering, elongates the neck and accentuates collarbone. Suits all body types, but a wide scoops will make broad shoulders look wider.
Cowl neckline: Rounded neckline that hangs in folds. Effect similar to scoop necks.  Lengthens the neck and highlights collarbone. Flattering on most women but women with big busts and broad shoulders should select deeper cowls to avoid adding bulk.
Square neckline:  Adds breadth to torso, shows off throat and collarbones. Worn to solidity the appearance of fine boned women. Wear hair up to balance the horizontal line created by this neckline.
Boat neckline: Extends from one shoulder to the other with a slight dip. Highlights the collarbone, bustline and makes shoulders look broader and lengthens the torso. Best for women with short torso, oval faces, small busts or long necks.

7. Accessorize Your White Shift Dress and Enjoy

Choose accessory items to complement the event and your desired look. A belt can be used to define the waist and give shape to the white shift dress. Women with thin builds or hourglass shapes will benefit from adding this kind of detail. Experiment with different belt widths to find a favorable look. Ideas for accessorizing the white shift dresses include adding a pearl necklace and a pair of heels for a classic look.  Wearing wooden bangles, bracelets or necklace that draw attention. In summer wearing sandals can create a casual seasonal look. Leather jackets, boots, and tights for a casual winter look (dark leggings can also make a too short shift dress look amazing in any season). Try pairing the white shift dress with different shoes and heel heights. Add a scarf, necklace, bracelet, or bangle.
 Layering with a cardigans, jackets or blazers can create a new look. If a cardigan or heavier jacket looks frumpy define the waist with a skinny belt. Choose the right cut to highlight the positive, create curves, and tone-down negative features. Select a cut that is tailored without being clingy to emphasize curves. Also consider which neckline is best suited to you. The shift dress necklines can be used to bolster a small bust, create the illusion of a longer neck and draw the attention away from fuller breasts. The shift dress can also elongate or add fullness to the face. The white shift dress is a color that is very versatile and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.  While everyone knows the magic of the little black dress dont overlook the causal elegance of the simple white shift dress.

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