11 Reasons Jessica Simpson Dresses are Fashions Best Value

Jessica Simpson Dresses debuts several Smart New Looks that Beautify & Dazzle – 11 Reasons they’re Fashions Best Value

★ Jessica Simpson Dresses debuts Amazing 2018 line
★ An Honest Review of The Dress Quality vs Value
★ Inside Business: A Closer Look at Jessica Simpson Dresses

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Jessica Simpson might not know a lot about tuna (watch the video the see the moment that made her a breakout reality star) but she sure knows how to dress American women. Started in 2006 and currently worth over 1 billion dollars. Her Jessica Simpson clothing line has become a hit. We’ve looked over her line of dresses to see why when so many other celebrity clothing lines fail that Jessica Simpson Dresses have not only survived but thrived in such an competitive environment.  Its not easy becoming an international brand in this post financial crisis world but Jessica Simpson has struck just the right tone with America for herself and her brand. America has always loved its classic ‘dumb’ blonde (which were often smart women that played ‘dumbness’ to their advantage) and it had been a while since America bestowed the title on any particular person.

How It All Started…

The MTV flub turned here into a meme and launched her as Americas sweetheart. Sweet, Innocent and Dumb. In real life its a deadly combination but for a TV persona it can be worth its weight in gold. America is fickle and the ‘America’s Sweetheart’ title cant be inherited. Its can only be bestowed by the people. In the same way success in fashion can be fickle and everyone from Beyonce’s “House of Dereon”, Jennifer Lopez’s “Sweetface” and Madonna’s “Material Girl” line have ventured into fashion to only have those dreams crushed by a fickle public.  Her foray into fashion began as a tie-in to the ‘Dukes of Hazard’ movies.
It started with shoes, cowboy boots and daisy dukes that had a direct tie-in to the film. Those lines were moderately successful but Jessica hit her stride when she started overseeing the designing of clothes. Jessica inspires and has final approval over every design in the collection. When you look at the clothes you can see her influence. They’re looks you can imagine the girl next door wearing. You can also imagine Jessica wearing almost every piece in the collection. Its one of the few times that you actually feel as if you’re reaching into a celebrity’s closet.

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1. Affordable Clothes that Look Good

While most celebrities like to champion expensive items and brands. Jessica Simpson has hit the sweet spot of producing quality moderately priced goods that the majority of people can easily afford. Most looks are priced comfortably under $100. We looked at a number of her dresses (went to our closet) to inspect the quality  provided at that price point. We were pleasantly surprised by what we found. Across a number of different items it was easy to tell that Jessica hasn’t bent to the corporate pressure to raise profits by using cheap fabrics and sub-par construction. No matter which item we inspected we were surprised by the quality of the fabrics and the stitching. These are clothes that wont be falling apart after a few trips to the dry cleaners or gentle washing’s.

Of course I dont want to go overboard and act like you’ll be wearing the finest silk from China for only $20 but I can say that these are clothes that will reward you for gentle care. As long as you’re not trying to bungee jump I’m pretty sure the stitches wont burst if you fall or bend over quickly. The buttons are nice and I haven’t had any chips that weren’t my fault (I’m a button crushing monster and always sit on my buttons or do something else equally destructive).  Jessica Simpson Dresses for sale generally are priced from about $50 to $150 with a few dresses priced lower and some higher. Its a very comfortable price range for those of us not bankrolled by record albums and modeling runways.

2. Quality Materials and Construction

A deeper dive into the Jessica Simpson Dresses manufacturing process reveals a patchwork of manufacturers from around the world.  Its pretty impressive that they’re able to maintain consistent quality levels when dealing with so many different clothing factories. I think her current attention to quality is a result of the failure of her ‘Princy’ high-end denim line. As much as her current designs and price point feels like its coming from Jessica, a high-end expensive jeans line doesn’t. She had also produced a cheap line that was sold at ‘Fashion Bug’. I believe those two experiences made her  into a much better business woman. I can almost hear the meeting where she put her foot down and decided to stop selling ‘cheap’ poorly made clothes as well as items that most of her fans couldn’t afford. She’s struck a nice middle ground. Quality clothing that can be sold for reasonable pricing. There’s only one way that type of company can be successful and that’s  with…


3. Smart Design – Classics You can Wear for Years

Not every designer can meet the challenge of creating moderately priced dresses that flatter todays woman. Jessica Simpson Dresses had one advantage over most people when she decided to relaunch her fashion line. The success of her shoe line gave her the clout to partner with some of the best manufacturers. Her designers have made many classic styles fashionable again in addition to creating exciting new looks.
Many of these refreshed designs have never looked better. God Bless the modern textile industry. By examining the clothes you can tell they’re striving to create a brand that’ll be here for years. The clothes are beautiful and I can always find something I like. At this point the Jessica Simpson Dresses line is so diverse that it would really be impossible to not find something you liked. With my shape I need those kind of odds.

4. Sized for Normal Women & Runway Models

Ever since the world had moved into ecommerce full steam accurate sizing has become crucial. I’m glad to see that Jessica Simpson Dresses make sure their dresses fit the forms within tight requirements. I can be hard to fit in places and I’ve pretty much had success with many of her dresses (of course I have a seamstress/cleaners on speed-dial for hems, etc). I selected 50 random online dress reviews from the line and scanned the comments for the typical complaints about fit. Amazon actually makes this easier since some listings actually have a ‘Fit’ percentage thats a user rating. In general it showed that 75% to 95% people were satisfied with the items fit (I’ll be glad when they roll that out sitewide). I found that the 2018 Jessica Simpson Dresses line has stylish clothes for all sizes. Instead of the larger or smaller sizes being a dumping ground for unused prints or fabric overruns every size gets dresses  created to flatter the body type they were made for. Full figure (real women) styling has finally made its way to the fashion runways. Its been a long time coming but finally curvy and runway models can buy clothes that look good.

5. Her Brand is Innocent and Wholesome

Innocence and Wholesomeness doesn’t play a large part in your purchasing decision when you’re sizing a dress in a mirror but it can play a large part of your loyalty to the brand. Bad brands or brands embroiled on politics or social issues can be a turn off to a large part of your potential customers. Jessica Simpson Dresses and the brand as a whole have stayed out of the negative headlines and allowed our positive feelings for Jessica Simpson to encourage love of her brands. Looking back at 2006 and her wearing Daisy Dukes its actually an impressive feat that Jessica Simpson escaped the era with a clean image. I believe that is in part due smart choice of roles. She always gravitated to ‘dumb blonde’ roles rather than ‘sexy supermodel’ and in the end it benefited her retail ambitions.
 Looking back you can see that Jessica Simpson is one of the few celebrities that was rarely on the front pages of the National Enquirer. There are few (if any) episodes of her having Britney style meltdowns. Truthfully from all I’ve been able to research. Most people report that she’s a gracious celebrity that is even stunned herself by the public’s acceptance of her. In tabloid headlines she’s had weight issues, boyfriend issues and other ‘normal’ people problems. She controls a $1 billions dollar empire but is never reported as arrogant or nasty. She’s the successful woman that we would want all of our daughters to grow up to be. In addition I dont feel like I’m making a political statement by wearing her clothes. I’m just wearing a brand I like from a clothes designer I respect.


6. Clothing that Fits Your Life

I only have a handful of Jessica Simpson Dresses but they cover a few different areas of my life. Of course I own a few pieces that I wear to work. They’re low key enough that I can mix-and-match accessories and make an outfit look different. I also have a few pieces from her collection that I wear when I want to make an impression. In addition to my invisible changeable wardrobe I have pieces in colors that are hard to ignore or that I can accent with a bright scarf and create something eye-catching. This is a trick I often use when I have to pack light for a business trip. If unexpectedly I have to extend the trip I have a few easy ways to change my look. Usually that can be done with a simple switch of a blouse or jeweled accessories.

I also appreciate how comfortable most Jessica Simpson Dresses are. Her stable of designers have hit the sweet spot between value, style and comfort. Many designers can take a piece of beautiful fabric and make a beautiful dress but its harder to make something that still feels and looks good after wearing it all day.  Admittedly my most comfortable clothes are much more expensive than most items in the Jessica Simpson Dresses line but I’d truthfully share that they compare favorably for the price. Where I wouldn’t risk wearing a expensive classic I dont feel like I’m sacrificing fashion by wearing Jessica Simpson Dresses.

7. Animated Previews

This is definitely a first world issue but I love how technology is making it easier to buy clothes. On this page the clothing from the Jessica Simpson Dresses collection are presented as animated GIFS. You can hover over them to see the model spin around so that you can see the item from all angles (click on the image to view zooms and closer detail). Its such a simple thing but it allows my super critical minds to take in a lot of info about the dress.
Since this innovation I’m more confident that dresses will actually fit me. Also I can see if a little tailoring will be needed to make it work. I can imagine this advancing in the future until we have 3D holograms showing off the clothes.  Like I said its a modern benefit but sometimes its the small details that make buying clothing online just a little easier and animated previews of the clothing help a lot since you’re not just looking at the ‘perfect’ model shots of the item.


8. Clean Lines not Cheap Gathered Seams

Jessica Simpson must really be cracking the whip at the headquarters for her line. When I first decided to evaluate another ‘celebrity’ line (before I became a fan of it) I was sure I’d find all the usual tricks of  poorly made ‘cheap’ clothing manufacturers. You can use the same tell-tale signs to evaluate your clothing purchases in the future. Gathered Seams: Bunched up seams have a place in clothing but they’re often used when they shouldn’t to make the clothes more forgiving and hide fit issues that could be easily seen if they used flat, smooth seams. Items with flat seams are harder to make and more expensive. I was actually shocked by how many items in the Jessica Simpson Dresses Lines use flat seams and straight pleats. Making these items costs more and reduces the number of people an item can fit. This was one of the first thing that attracted me to her clothing. I love it when manufacturer’s do things that most wont notice in the name of their own quality standards.
I also noticed a lack of embroidery, sequins, beading, and studs. These can look amazing on items when they are applied by skilled people using high-quality materials. Trying to emulate that look on bargain clothes will always result in cheap embellishment pieces that crack, fall off or just look tacky when not using quality materials.  Looking over the entire line you can see the common theme. Quality materials put together by trusted manufacturers that toe the line in production outcomes. In addition when they do use sequins that are of impressive quality and are applied in a manner that doesn’t have them flaking off like fish scales and leaving a trail behind you wherever you go.  I think that’s one of the reasons I like the line so much. I had very low expectations for ‘another’ celebrity fashion line and the Jessica Simpson Dresses line really impressed me with their consistent quality.

9. Quality Lace and Trims

It’s not the biggest fashion mistake but looking at the lace and trims of items can give you a clue to a manufacturers quality standards. When shopping for lace dresses I always casually look over the line to see if the vendor only makes lace dresses with a folded over hems. If that’s the case them I’m suspicious of the lace quality. Better quality lace garments will sometimes have a raw uneven edge that follows the shape of the lace. This small detail is harder to create and signals a bit more attention to detail. Another tell-tale quality hint is the fabric thickness. I’ve noticed over the past years and especially when compared to ‘vintage’ that clothing is being made with thinner fabrics. Some of it’s by design to make a garment lighter and more breathable but in many cases it’s a way for a manufacturer to save money. I was delighted to find that Jessica Simpson Dresses passes my ‘lace’ test with flying colors (very good lace quality for the price) and while her fabrics dont have the thickness of more expensive garments (that often cost 3X to 5X more) Jessica Simpson Dresses isn’t passing off low quality fabrics just to save money.


10. Dresses for Every Occasion

The Jessica Simpson Dresses has grown into a legitimate powerhouse business. Jessica Simpson Cocktail Dresses, Jessica Simpson Bridesmaid Dresses, Jessica Simpson Party Dresses, Jessica Simpson Summer Dresses and more fill every segment of the ready-to-wear dress market.  With so many market segments covered its surprising that they do so well with such diverse groups. Again I think that’s due to the variety of manufacturing partners they have that appear to specialize with different dress markets. Myself, my sister and my daughter have wildly different tastes in clothing (and body types) and each of us have Jessica Simpson Dresses that we faithfully wear as favorites or special occasion stand-bys.

The Jessica Simpson Dresses line has expanded at an incredible pace since its start in 2006. We’ve all seen brands come and go but I have a feeling that we’ll be buying clothes from the Jessica Simpson Dresses line for quite a while. The clothes are nicely grounded in looks that work for the majority of things you need to do during the day. Dresses you can wear to work, play, special events and more. The Jessica Simpson Dresses line has almost become a catch-all brand that you can depend on when you need/want a new dress in a pinch without breaking the bank. You can be reasonably assured that you’ll find something you like that will give you a reasonable fit. She’s on my shortlist of favorite retailers and brands.

11. Quality Finishing

Years ago I ran across an article that detailed the process that manufacturers use  to inspect garments. I had no idea it was such an extensive method when done correctly. Now wherever I’m checking the work of a new brand  or label. I run the item through a similar process. I was pleasantly surprised that my Jessica Simpson Dresses passed with only minor issues. I dont suggest doing that with every piece of clothing you own. Just your most expensive items to make sure you’re getting value for your money.
After looking over my purchases (and my sister/daughters) from The Jessica Simpson Dresses line I didn’t find many loose threads, uneven creases, loose or missing buttons,  seams were straight with finished edges and prints lined up correctly. These are small things but if not done properly they can make even expensive clothing look cheap. Jessica Simpson Dresses might not be among the finest dresses you will ever known but I feel confident is stating that you’ll get plenty of value for your money and like myself maybe a few of them will even make it into your regular clothing rotation. Enjoy.

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